Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings Provo

When is a Dental Filling needed?

A patient may require a dental filling in Provo if their tooth structure has been compromised due to trauma to the tooth that resulted in a fracture or chip, or if there was damage done to the tooth by decay.


How is a Dental Filling Placed?

A dental filling procedure includes drilling into the affected tooth and using tools to clean out the decay. Once the area is clean, the surfaces of the tooth may be filed down to make it easier to place the filling, which is the final step. Patients should not fear the procedure as the affected areas will be numbed before the process begins.


Is Metal Used in Dental Fillings?

Due to advancements in technology, metal fillings are a solution of the past. Our practice provides tooth-coloured resin and porcelain alternatives. Tooth-coloured resin options are not only more aesthetically appealing but are healthier and safer than metal fillings. They can be custom shaded to fit in with your natural shade and, when compared to metal fillings, do not require as much of the damaged tooth to be removed for the filling to be placed.


Can I Replace my Metal or Amalgam Dental Fillings?

At our practice, we are also able to help patients who have old, broken-down amalgam or metal fillings that contain traces of mercury and replace these fillings with white fillings (composites) to restore their smile and teeth and give it a more natural look and feel.


How do I know if I Need a Dental Filling in Provo?

Our dentists recommend dental fillings to patients as they restore teeth to their original function and shape, as well as prevent further decay by closing off gaps in teeth so that no new bacteria can enter.

Speak to our dentists in Provo, UT about whether you are in need of a dental filling, a filling replacement, or if there are any areas in your mouth that are at risk of needing such a procedure in the future.