Tooth loss can result from several reasons. If you’re in such a situation, you can replace lost teeth by having a;

  •  dental implant
  •  lifestyle adjustments
  •  dentures. 

However, dentures help to restore people’s everyday life without undergoing a surgical procedure.  So, why choose dentures over any other method? Keep reading to understand more about dentures and their benefits.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures or “false teeth” are removable replacements meant to replace missing teeth. They appear like your natural teeth with only a tiny noticeable difference. If you’ve lost your teeth through an injury, dental infection, tooth decay, or gum disease, using dentures to replace the lost teeth could be your best bet.

The material used in their making includes prosthetic or artificial teeth. They are cost-effective and noninvasive. Remember only to visit certified dental health care to avoid any complications.

Benefits Of Dentures

Restores maximum oral function. It includes eating, speaking, and overall good health.

Easy to clean. Since dentures are removable, it’s easy to keep them clean with minimal effort. You just need to brush them twice a day using a special denture cleaner and floss in between meals. 

Reduces further oral health problems. For example, if you’re missing even a single tooth, your chances of developing gum disease are very high. But, replacing the lost teeth with dentures prevents you from developing such problems.

Preserves your facial structure. The teeth’ bone influences the appearance of your facial structure. Therefore, losing a good number of your teeth affects the way you look. Fortunately, dentures can help to preserve your face shape. When the dentist is designing your dentures, they consider the structure of your face as well.

No limitation to what you can eat. Losing a couple of teeth can adversely limit the type of food you eat. However, dentures help you go back to eating the food you enjoy. In addition, the dentures should be well-fitting to avoid pain and frustrations.

When Do You Need Dentures?

Chronic toothaches. Severe toothache indicates the worsening of tooth decay to a point where it has affected your tooth nerve. Early detection is treatable with a simple filling, while for advanced issues, the dentist may need to remove the impacted teeth and replace them with dentures.

Troubles when chewing hard food. A cracked tooth, missing teeth, gum disease, and cavities can lead to difficulties when chewing. Therefore, you need dentures to make chewing easier.

Missing teeth. Dentists recommend that if you have two or more teeth missing, you should replace them with dentures to prevent excessive pressure on the remaining teeth. Failure to which, you risk losing more teeth in the future because the remaining teeth become worn down prematurely or shift to cover the open space in the gum line.


Once you get your dentures, you should practice proper care so they may last longer. If your dentures are broken, worn out, or hurt, visit a dentist near you. For those located in Provo or Utah Cities, visit this team of skilled and knowledgeable dentists to help with your problem. Avoid severe ill-consequences on your oral health by taking a step today to have yourself check out.