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Michelle was born without lateral incisors, the ones next to the two front teeth. She previously had braces and bonding. For graduation her mother gave her veneers!

No Prep Veneers

Cleo had small teeth with spaces that she always hated. There was room for 8 veneers without taking ANY enamel off her teeth.


Christy’s gums were going crazy from improper crowns, now they’re happy.


N. wanted to get rid of the space between her front teeth- 4 veneers.


Kevin is a successful business owner who wore the enamel off his teeth. Now he has new “enamel” on all of them. He wrote a poem for us about his new smile!


K. had a few crooked teeth and, unfortunately, several small cavities between them. She has had her veneers for 12 years and they look great.

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