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Emergency Dentistry Provo UT dental sealants east mountain dental denist in Provo UtahWhat is an Emergency Dentist?

When you think of dental work you might think of attending your local dentist in Provo, Utah, for a routine check up. Typically this involves checking for cavities and decay, along with polishing and maintenance. You don’t often consider the need for an emergency dentist until you experience unexpected pain or swelling. 

An emergency dentist is a dental practitioner who is available at any time of the day or night. You might require this service if you have excruciating tooth pain caused by decay, swelling in the gums, or broken teeth due to an injury. An emergency dentist can provide tooth extraction and emergency fillings. 

Not every area has these emergency dental services. You may need to consult an online database or search a referral site for details. If you live in the Provo UT area you can contact East Mountain Dental for more information. 


When do you Need one? 

Sometimes unexpected situations arise that cause you to search frantically for a solution. In the case of dental work it could be dues to excruciating pain in the mouth or broken teeth due to a sporting injury. If it’s too painful to endure through the night you will require emergency treatment. An emergency dentist will give you assistance when you need it. 

In the midst of a painful situation it can be difficult to communicate clearly, however  the more information you can give your emergency dentist when you contact them the better they can prepare for your arrival. When you contact your emergency dentist give them as many details as you can about the circumstances as well as the nature of your condition. 

An emergency dental service may be more expensive than conventional work and also inconvenient. Before you contact your emergency dentist first decide whether you can persevere with the pain until regular opening times or if you really must see a practitioner immediately. 


Other Reasons for Contacting one 

Emergency dentists are always available for one off emergencies such as broken teeth due to sports injuries; however, others things may come up from time to time especially if you don’t attend a surgery for regular check ups. This can lead to underlying problems that emerge unexpectedly. 

Over time your teeth will decay and cavities will slowly form if you don’t attend a dentist for check ups or look after your dental hygiene. This means twice a day brushing and regular flossing. You will notice sensitivities developing that can lead to emergency problems. 

If you experience sensitivity it’s best to attend to it immediately before it leads to an abscess or emergency issue. Conversely, you might not think you need an emergency dentist when in fact your condition needs immediate attention. Consider the degree of pain and discomfort you feel before deciding on an option. 


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