Dental Hygiene

Excellent Dental Hygiene in Provo

That staff at East Mountain Dental takes pride in helping patients maintain beautiful smiles. You’ll appreciate our expert, caring, and accommodating service. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. Dr. Ryan Hamilton and Dr. Michael Roberts look forward to meeting you. We’ll go through a few ways to improve your dental hygiene routine.

We’re looking forward to seeing that smile and answering any of your questions on how to improve it.


Excellent Dental Hygiene Means Great Overall Health

Dental hygiene is essential for keeping the mouth clean and free of dental issues, including cavities, gum disease, and bad breath. It also affects your overall health. Bacteria in the gums can move to important organs and impair general health. You will feel great if you keep your teeth and gums healthy. You’ll also feel great about saving time and money on your teeth because you won’t have to spend as much time in the dentist’s chair.


Some Helpful Dental Hygiene Instructions

Your teeth can last a lifetime if you maintain good dental hygiene. Brushing and flossing regularly are two crucial things you should do to maintain dental hygiene. You should also:

  • Maintain a healthy diet
  • Get a checkup from your dentist about twice per year
  • Drink lots of water
  • Use mouthwash

In addition to all the traditional dental hygiene habits we recommend for both adults and children, there are some additional measures you can take toward excellent dental health. 


Great Dental Hygiene Means Going Beyond the Basics

Some “extra” family dental hygiene and cavity prevention measures include:

  • Using a gum stimulator. Gum stimulators have a sharp rubbery tip that slides quickly and easily between your teeth and gums. Use it after brushing and flossing. It can assist you in removing a lot of plaque that you could otherwise overlook.
  • Using a tongue scraper. After brushing, a tongue scraper can provide additional cleansing. According to studies, a tongue scraper can clean the tongue up to 30% better than brushing alone. It’s easy to use. You just place it at the back of your tongue and move it forward softly. If required, repeat the process, then rinse and spit.
  • Using an electric toothbrush. Electric toothbrushes can clean teeth more effectively than regular toothbrushes. Dr. Hamilton or Dr. Roberts can can help you choose the best electric toothbrush brands and show you how to use them correctly.
  • Effective denture cleaning. Cleaning dentures is easy. Since dentures are a prosthetic tooth set, caring for them and cleaning them is different from regularly caring for your natural teeth. You can remove your dentures, rinse them in water and brush away any fixative with a specialized, soft toothbrush. The fluoride in regular toothpaste is great for your natural teeth but can be abrasive on your dentures. You can use soap or a specialized denture cleaning solution to clean your dentures. 
  • Limiting drinks that will stain your teeth. Tea, coffee, cola, and red wine can stain your teeth. Limiting them will keep your teeth as white as possible and prevent them from yellowing.
  • Avoiding smoking and tobacco. If you use tobacco, we recommend that you quit. Tobacco is harmful to your overall health and dental hygiene, and it can stain your teeth. Oral and other cancer types are increased by smoking cigarettes and even using smokeless tobacco products. Tobacco usage also leads to gum disease, foul breath, and tooth stains.


We’ll Help You Stay On Top of Great Dental Hygiene

Contact us today, and we’ll help you get started on a great dental hygiene routine. We hope to meet you soon. You’ll understand why our customers rave about our service at East Mountain Dental in Provo.