Dentist Near Spanish Fork

Dentist Near Spanish Fork

About East Mountain Dental

East Mountain Dental is a dentist near Spanish Fork located on the Southern border of Provo. As such we are uniquely placed to service Brigham Young University, Springville, and the Spanish Fork area. East Mountain Dental is a fully certified dental practice that uses expert dentists. Our staff are experienced and fully qualified, ready to meet your dental needs with care and professionalism.

At East Mountain Dental practice we offer a range of services to meet every dental requirement. We can offer dental bridges, crowns, fillings, implants, and veneers. We can also provide teeth whitening services, extractions, and cleaning. We also employ the latest dental technologies so that clients receive the best possible service and leave with a shining smile.

If you live in the Spanish Fork area or you attend the Brigham Young University, you will need a local dentist for check ups and routine maintenance. East Mountain Dental is uniquely placed to attend to your dental needs in this area. Whether it is routine check ups you need or an emergency service for tooth pain, East Mountain Dental is the best and most convenient option.

These are not the only advantages of using East Mountain Dental, we also have professional staff and expert dentists available to care for you on your dental journey. We are proud of our communication and transparency and offer both infants and adults extensive support and tailored treatment plans.

About the Spanish Fork Area

Located in Utah County, Utah, Spanish Fork is a city in the Provo-Orem area. As of 2019 the city had a population of 40,913 residents making it the largest city base in Utah. Spanish Fork lies between four other major urban settlements. There is Wastage Range to the east, Utah Lake to the Northwest, Payson to the Southwest, and Salem to the south.

Spanish Fork dates back to 1851 when the urban center was established by members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They were Mormon pioneers looking to settle in and transform the Utah territory. The name Spanish Fork is derived from two Franciscan friars from Spain, Silvestre Vélez de Escalante and Francisco Atanasio Domínguez in 1776 who sought to open up a new trail from Santa Fe, New Mexico. They followed the stream down the Spanish Fork canyon.

Nowadays the city is run by a City Manager style of government. In this system the City Manager acts as a sort of CEO to the city. They are a paid, non-political manager whose role is to run the bureaucracy on behalf of political overseers. This system of government has been adopted by several small and medium sized cities in American and Europe.

Spanish Fork has four distinct seasons, based on its location in the valley and proximity to the coast. Summer is warm with little moisture and fall is pleasant with an increase in clouds. More precipitation can occur around this time due to Pacific storms. In winter it is cold, snowy, and foggy. Spring is typically warm with wetter weather.

Spanish Fork is also a place of outstanding natural beauty. It is located in the Utah Valley not far from Utah Lake and The Great Salt Lake near Salt Lake City. The founding fathers of this urban center described the native land as full of meadows and fertile soil. Spanish Fork is a mini-eden for residents and visitors.