For residents of Provo, Utah looking for dentists near me, look no further than East Mountain Dental. 


Dr. Ryan Hamilton and his team offer professional dentistry with a smile. Their high standards are second to none in the Provo, Utah area.


Whether you are looking for a check-up or are needing more complex work carried out, such as dental implants, it is essential that you use the skill and experience of a dentist so you feel comfortable.


Here’s why East Mountain Dental should be your first choice for all of your oral healthcare needs. 


What Services are on Offer at East Mountain Dental?

When searching for dentists near me, you will want to know that they have the right skills and experience to provide you with the dental care that you need. 


At East Mountain Dental, we are proud to offer a wide range of services including: 



Prevention is always better than the cure, so we always recommend coming in for regular check-ups to help you to keep on top of your oral health. 


When getting check-ups with East Mountain Dental, X-rays may be taken of your teeth. This lets your dentist examine the structure of your jaw, as well as identifying any areas where there may be tooth decay. 


Why Choose East Mountain Dental?

With two decades worth of experience providing dental care to his patients, Dr. Ryan Hamilton is a careful and compassionate dentist who provides the highest quality dental care. 


Dr. Hamilton’s team will prioritize your dental needs. Making sure that you feel at ease when you are in the dentist’s chair is an essential part of the dental service that we offer. 


The Support You Need to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Helping you look after your own teeth is central in the care that we provide. We believe in getting a head start on any potential oral health issues that you may face. We take a proactive approach to identify areas of concern, including the earliest signs of tooth decay or gum disease. 


Daily brushing and flossing are essential in your oral care routine. We’ll provide you with the very best support in helping you take the best care of your teeth. 


However, if tooth decay or gum disease do take hold, we’re here for you. 


We offer a wide range of different dental care treatments, from aesthetic options such as teeth whitening, to a variety of measures to deal with tooth decay and the damage that it causes. 



Make an Appointment – Dentists Near Me in Provo

Whether you are looking to sign up with a new dentist for on-going check-ups, or you are looking for a dentist to carry out any emergency dental care; East Mountain Dental is here to provide you with expert oral health support. 


If you’ve got any questions, need a check-up, or have broader dental health concerns, get in touch today and make an appointment.