The value of having a high-quality dentist cannot be overemphasized at any stage of life. When living in the Beehive State, Dr Ryan Hamilton of East Mountain Dental offers the perfect solution for all the family.


Why Dr Hamilton?

Dr Hamilton is a highly skilled dentist boasting nearly 20 years of experience in the field along with a dental degree from the University of Nebraska. Crucially, the talented professional is 100% committed to keeping the patient’s individual needs at the heart of every treatment. This passion and compassion truly establish his place as one of the best.

Patients that choose Dr Hamilton will reap a whole host of rewarding outcomes, including but not limited to;

Crucially, it’s not only Dr Hamilton that will provide the quality service you deserve. 


A World-Class Team In The Heart Of Provo, Utah

While Dr Hamilton’s individual talents are undoubtedly a huge asset for any patient, his ability to assemble a winning team has truly turned East Mountain Dental into one of the best dentistry offices in Provo, Utah, and the entire Beehive State. The world-class team provides a world-class service from the very first interaction. 

Key members of Dr Hamilton’s team of dentists in Provo, Utah include Dr. Shakespear, a highly-experienced dentist with a dental degree from the University of Detroit Mercy, Michigan, as well as office manager Mecaela, Jenna in the role of front office, and hygienists Alyssa, Christie, and Mikelle. The team of assistants, fronted by Kaylie, includes Aleia and Taylor.

With a dedication to clarity and transparency at every stage of the journey, Dr Hamilton’s team of experts are perfectly placed to match a world-class treatment with a world-class service.


A Provo, Utah Dentist That Lives To Serve You

Dr Hamilton doesn’t only understand dentistry; he also understands you.

Undergoing dental treatments, even when it’s just standard checkups, can be very daunting. Dr Hamilton is a dentist in Provo, Utah, that goes the extra mile to keep you at ease throughout the entire process. Moreover, we can provide treatments for all the family, which takes convenience to a whole new level. Ultimately, every element is tailored to meet your specific needs regardless of whether you need functional restorations or cosmetic improvements for enhanced appearances.


Dr Hamilton thrives on raising the bar of dental services in Provo, Utah. If unlocking a winning smile is your goal, East Mountain Dental is the answer.