Have you been thinking about going to a dentist in Provo, Utah, but you keep finding excuses not to make an appointment? 


Many Americans still have an underlying fear of the dentist. For some people, it’s based on bad experiences as a child. For others, it’s all about the uncertainty, especially if you haven’t seen a dentist in a while. 


At East Mountain Dental, Dr. Shakespeare, dentist, and his team provide a variety of dental services from general oral healthcare to cosmetic dentistry and everything in between. 


So, if you’ve been on the fence about coming to a dentist, let’s go over a few reasons why it might be time to make an appointment. 


You’re in Pain

Pain is the most common reason why people come to see a dentist. But, by the time you’re experiencing pain in your teeth, mouth, jaw, or even your neck, it’s usually a sign that something significant is happening with your oral health. It could be some type of decay, like a cavity, or something more serious that requires additional treatment. 


One way to avoid severe oral pain is to visit a dentist regularly, instead of waiting for the worst. By seeing your dentist at least once a year, you can lower your risk for things like cavities, decay, or other oral health conditions. But, of course, if you’re in any kind of pain, you should make an appointment with the dentist right away. 


You’re Unhappy With Your Smile

Even if your teeth seem healthy, you still might be embarrassed with your smile. Discoloration, cracking or chipping, or other cosmetic issues are great reasons to visit the dentist. 


Cosmetic dentistry has become extremely popular in recent years, and Dr. Shakespeare is happy to provide services including: 



No one should be embarrassed by their smile. After an initial assessment, your dentist can determine what the best treatment option will be to make it easy for you to want to show off your beautiful teeth again. 


Eating, Drinking, and Dry Mouth

You might be surprised by just how much your oral health can impact your daily activities. If you’re having trouble eating or drinking things that normally wouldn’t bother you, it’s probably time to go see a dentist. That includes pain when you bite into something or when you have trouble swallowing. 


Dry mouth is another issue that can indicate something is wrong. If your mouth feels dry or “cottony” no matter how much you drink, it could be an oral health issue. Dry mouth can also lead to bad breath, which in turn can cause some embarrassment. Getting checked out at the dentist can help you deal with all of those problems before they become worse. 


If you’re dealing with any of these issues or it’s just been a while since you’ve been to the dentist, come visit us in Provo, Utah. Dr. Shakespeare and his team are here to make the entire experience comfortable for you. Feel free to call today for more information or to set up an appointment soon.