Many patients in the Provo area love having Dr. Hamilton and Dr. Roberts as their family dentists. At East Mountain Dental, our goal is to help you and your family feel comfortable in our office while providing high-quality dental care. 


Advantages of a Family Dentist in Provo, Utah

There are several benefits to choosing a family dentist, especially in Provo, Utah. As a family dentist in Provo, we provide various services, from preventative dentistry to cosmetic dentistry to restorative dentistry. 

Comfortable Environment

One of the advantages of East Mountain Dental is the comfortable environment we have created in our dental office. Our team is dedicated to providing high-quality service with compassion. Additionally, many patients that visit our office with their families find that going to the dentist with their family members makes the environment even more comfortable. 

Focus on Prevention 

Another advantage of our office, as a family dentist in Provo, is that we focus on preventing dental concerns. We recommend that our patients upkeep an excellent oral health routine and visit our office every six months for a dental cleaning and exam. Our office also offers dental sealants and fluoride treatments as a part of preventative dentistry. Dental sealants are pasted onto the top of your back molars. When bacteria and food reach the top of the dental sealant, they slide off rather than get stuck in the crevices of your back molars. Additionally, you can opt for a fluoride treatment, where the fluoride will strengthen the outer layer of your tooth, the enamel. All of this preventative treatment will help you reduce your risk of dental decay. 

A Dentist That Understands Your Family

As your family dentist, we will also help prevent dental concerns based on your family’s genetics. Understanding your family is one of the benefits of choosing a family dentist in Provo. 


Advanced Technology 

Something our office is proud of is our advanced technology. At East Mountain Dental, we offer digital x-rays, same-day crowns, and dental implants. Many patients prefer digital x-rays because they provide the dentist with a better view of your teeth and decrease radiation. In comparison, traditional x-rays can take 4-6 minutes for the images to develop, while digital x-rays are ready in 30 seconds. 

Secondly, our office is proud to have a CEREC machine which allows us to perform same-day crowns. This means you no longer have to take an oozy impression and wait for the height to arrive in the mail from a laboratory. Same-day crowns are made out of a porcelain material that is both stain-resistant and durable. 

Lastly, as a family dentist in Provo, our dentists are proud to offer dental implants. This innovative technology allows our dentists to replace missing teeth with entirely new teeth. Unlike a bridge, which can also replace missing teeth, a dental implant replaces the entire missing tooth from the tooth’s root to its crown. 


Athletic Mouthguards 

In addition to providing preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry for the whole family, we also offer athletic mouthguards for those who play contact sports. A mouthguard can prevent the need for a dental restoration, such as a dental crown or implant. 

The mouthguard protects the teeth while you or your child plays contact sports. Many patients choose a mouthguard from a dental office, such as East Mountain Dental, instead of over-the-counter solutions because they are custom-made. Custom mouthguards from East Mountain Dental are more comfortable, protect your teeth better, and make it easier to talk and breathe while using them. 


At East Mountain Dental, we pride ourselves on being a family dentist in Provo, Utah. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment with our dentists, call our office today.