Feeling Sick? Should You Cancel Your Dentist Appointment?

An emoji of a person who is sick and blowing their nose. Dr. Ryan Hamilton Dr. Seager Dr. Michael Robert. East Mountain Dental. General, Cosmetic, Restorative, Family Dentist in Provo, UT 84606

Whether you hate cancelling an appointment or have a dental issue and really need to see the dentist, you may need to ask yourself if it is best for you, the dental staff and other patients, to visit the dentist when you are sick.   How Sick are You? If something like a headache is making you feel unwell, you are still able to make the appointment as a headache will only test your individual discomfort tolerance. However, contagious illnesses, such as the flu, is a different story. If you are coughing and sneezing, you can possibly pass your illness on to someone else in the dentist’s office.   Contact Your Dentist If You Are Sick   If your illness is contagious, it is best to contact your dentist’s office and let them know the situation. They can either reschedule your appointment or take other precautions to accommodate your illness. Either way it is recommended to phone and find out what their policy is regarding sick patients. If you do go for your appointment, it is important to let the dental staff know how sick you are and follow any procedures recommended by the staff. The biggest issue when visiting the dentist when you are sick is congestion. As breathing through your mouth is not an option when you are in the dentist’s chair, the experience can be uncomfortable and difficult for the patient and the dentist to efficiently do their job. Steps You can Take to Avoid getting Others Sick: Using a handkerchief or covering your mouth when coughing or sneezing Wash your hands when you arrive Carry hand sanitizer and sanitize before and after touching anything in the dentist’s office Avoid direct contact with others Tell staff you are contagious You should never cancel an appointment unless you have a good reason, as you could be liable for a cancellation fee. However, if you have a contagious illness, you don’t want to spread it. Following the above advice will give you the best opportunity to see the dentist without infecting others and be as comfortable as possible during the visit.