Why CEREC is Right For You

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CEREC is the short term for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, or CEramic REConstruction. This advanced technology uses computer aided design and manufacturing to quickly take dental impressions and generate perfect, custom fitted ceramics. This means if you are up for a dental crown, filling, inlay or onlay procedure, you can get everything done in one trip to the dentist office. Traditionally, multiple trips need to be made to complete the placement of a dental crown. Now, instead of sending dental impressions to a lab and waiting for the final, permanent crown before fitting, we at East Mountain Dental can create and place a crown in a single day. CEREC technology saves you time and guarantees great results. The CEREC Process Once your tooth has been prepped for the fitting of a ceramic restoration, which is done by filing and shaping the tooth, the CEREC process allows our team to use digital impressions to make a mold for the restoration. Digital impressions are more comfortable and more accurate than traditional impressions that are made with plaster. The mold is then used to create the restoration from a single block of solid ceramic materials. CEREC technology can manufacture a custom dental crown in as little as 90 minutes. The restoration is then fitted and bonded into place. Additional CEREC Technology Benefits It is not only the convenience of CEREC technology that makes it so great, but the restorations also look after your comfort and appearance. Here are 4 ways in which CEREC technology gives you the best possible restoration. CEREC technology allows people to avoid the stage of traditional restoration treatments that require patients to have a temporary restoration fitted, instead of having their permanent fixtures fitted right away. While temporary restorations fulfil the basic role of protecting teeth, they have many downsides, such as chewy and sticky foods easily damage these temporary fixes. Some people also experience discomfort while having temporary restorations removed before their permanent ones are fitted. The lifespan of CEREC restorations is longer than restorations made with traditional methods, meaning they will look better for longer. An impressive 95.5 percent of crowns made with CEREC technology survive for at least nine years after they have been fitted. The tooth shade of CEREC ceramic materials can be precisely matched to the color of your natural teeth, rendering the restoration virtually unnoticeable. The accurate fit of CEREC restorations are less likely to cause sensitivity, as most cases of sensitivity arise from restorations that do not fit correctly. Some patients also experience sensitivity during the period when wearing temporary restorations. As these are not necessary with CEREC restorations, the technology removes another possible source of sensitivity. With CEREC technology, patients enjoy the advantages of long-lasting, comfortable, well-fitting crowns, fillings, inlays or onlays. Ask our team at East Mountain Dental if CEREC technology can be used in your next restoration procedure.